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The Wardroom was originally established early 2010 at the Minster & Monkton Royal British Legion. It was started by a group of veterans who came together in the club and now meet every Sunday lunchtime.

One of the important things we all have in common is the taste for Pusser's Rum which we manage to consume every hour, toasting something or the other! We started to get organised and decided to call ourselves the "WARDROOM COMRADES".

The Wardroom was one of the smaller bars in the club which we were given permission to hang military banners and pictures etc. Of course, we agreed that we must have something of Pusser's to display, so we wrote to their head office in the British Virgin Islands and to our amazement, they sent us a consignment of memorabilia which has become the centre point of the wardroom at the moment, using a wall cabinet already installed in the bar.

Our vision now is to establish a Services Memorabilia Museum. We have already received many donations from widows and relatives of servicemen lost in past wars, and we are very grateful to have the support of the clubs committee, who have agreed to purchase two more wall cabinets with our financial help.

We do believe the Minster & Monkton club would be the only Legion club to offer such a facility to its members and visiting members.

We carry out fundraising amongst ourselves so we can open up the wardroom on special occasions, such as Trafalgar day, Remembrance Day, Black Tot Day, Armed Forces Day, and many more, for which we supply food. We also carry out other activities to promote greater awareness of the Wardroom and more importantly the club itself.

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The Wardroom Comrades

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